Winning Isn’t Everything? Or Is It?

When it comes to life, far too many look at it as if it is this blissful, wonderful existence. Well, I am here today to inform the world that it is not. Rarely is life about just being happy go lucky day to day. It is a grind, plain and simple and there are some steps one must take to realize this.

The Greatest Win In Life and Business

If you ask the typical person who goes about their life and is just a regular guy or gal that goes through the motions and doesn’t cause any ripples in the water, (slang for making a name for themselves), you will see a person who has given up on their potential. They will never start a business and they surely will not create a winning business, something that can be created from scratch and with hard, smart and focused work and determination, it eventually operates on its own, allowing the owner to do what they please. This business then has the potential to be sold, often for millions of dollars. This is the greatest financial achievement a person can reach because when invested properly, that big chunk of change will earn them money each month and year continually until the investment is no longer present.

The Realization For How The World Actually Works

But most people simply do not see themselves as a person who can do great things. Yet, because they are blind to this and that achieving anything is possible, they are just going about their daily tasks while looking forward to the weekend for their alcohol consumption outing with friends or colleagues.

When a person takes a step back, looks at their life, and what they do on a day to day level, some see they are a part of a system that controls their entire life.

They go to school from 9am until 3pm until they graduate high school, they become obedient learners in this process. The next step is to mortgage their life away for four years (or more) of college while being trained to become a worker bee. Then upon graduating from college, which is revered as such a great moment, they get the gift of reality for their actions that took place the past several years: a boring, unfulfilling job that barely pays enough to keep a roof over their head. Where’s the win there?

Unless you take hold of your life to control the time you have on this planet, which begins by having full control of your finances, you will otherwise be subject to someone else’s decision for how your time is spent. Either you win financially and get to choose what you want to do because you have financial control, or you sit in traffic five days each week and listen to someone else tell you how you will spend your time.